Legends of Bazaleti Lake

By Laguna Beach Club Bazaleti

One of the most famous is about a baby who saved an entire village from drought. According to legend, in these places lived a woman who could not give birth to a child. She dreamed about it for a long time and a miracle happened – a little boy was born. 👶
But with the birth, drought hit the village. Residents were on the verge of despair and did not know what to do. One of the especially stuffy nights, the woman had a dream – if she leaves her son in the mountains near the village, then the drought will recede. She told relatives about this, but did not even think of committing such an act. Everything was decided for her – the baby was taken to the mountains. And in the morning, at the place where the cradle stood, a clear and transparent lake appeared. 🗻
The village was saved, but the woman was no longer able to live there – her heart was in the mountains near the lake. Every day she filled it with her tears.
Now Bazaleti lake is becoming more beautiful every year. They say that a young man grows and flourishes, and with the the lake does it too. 💪🧔

A famous Georgian poetIlia Chavchavadze wrote a poem about this Legend of Bazaleti Lake

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